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Electric Neon Clock Co.

Dial Pan Clocks

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These clocks have a plastic face, with neon mounted behind the face. There's a three different color styles, a "pinwheel" version of each, and some had marquees. 

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The most common style has blue numbers trimmed in red. Notice that the red has faded around the lower numbers. This was a common problem on these clocks. Some have had all red completed faded.

The simplest color scheme, all black. This one has the typical marquee. Also, note the unusual hands on this clock. They may be the style of hands on the pinwheel, but that hasn't been verified.

Here's the third style... green numbers trimmed in black. 

Another style had a "pinwheel" optical illusion in the center. This is a red-and-blue style with the pinwheel. There are three rings of neon in all clocks of this style, one exterior ring, one behind the numbers, and a third around the center, behind the pinwheel. 

Here's the black style with a pinwheel.

The black-and-green style, with the pinwheel, and a nice marquee.

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