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"Exposed Ring" Clocks

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The first one of these we got our hands on we found in the dumpster of a funeral home. Seriously. It was a freebie. Thus, we refer to them as "funeral" clocks, but they are "exposed ring" clocks in the industry (although we could call them the "mountain" clocks because that's where we've seen the most of them).    

These clocks have the same basic design as the Aztec, except the face colors are reversed (black numbers on white face), and there's a simple ring holding the glass in rather than the Aztec bezel.  Unless painted, these clocks have a polished stainless steel front "bezel" over a painted steel body. The color configuration we've seen on original clocks has been the standard pink outside and green inside neon. Some had the basic marquee, and some had the style that allowed the mounting of wooden letters.

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Here's the standard style. The photo says it all. The ring holding the glass in was probably orignally a dark or rusty red color. This is a very good specimen, at about 10,000 feet above sea level.

 This is a very unusual clock. Actually, it was one of the first we spotted of this style, and it wasn't until later years that we realized how unusual it was. It has the banner that would have held wooden letters. Note the hands on the enlarged photo... not the standard Cleveland hands. Also, the "font" of the face is similar to the rare octagon and the rare "reverse" target clocks.

This is very, very unusual... a thermometer in the "funeral" style. The face is very rusty, it probably was originally white. It's a shame this wasn't in better shape.

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