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Electric Neon Clock Co.

Other Styles

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There's a few styles that are unique, and don't fit into other categories. Here's a few different ones.   

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Now here's a rare one. This Cleveland was part of a sign. It has a structure similar to an Aztec, with the face mounted on supports, and the number "font" and minute track is similar. However, the "cowling" runs to the back plate... there is no "side" to the can. This one has a serial number of 15879, so it's early. The original neon was probably green, but it was broken, with no markings. The blue is my choice (sorry).

Now here's a more common style, but not like other Cleveland categories. The plastic cover has a square edge, with the numbers on the cover. It has the plastic "dial pan" face, and neon mounted behind the face.  Some of these had advertising painted on the face, such as "Country Club Soda". Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of that one. 

Check this out.. a great style for a large Cleveland clock. I've seen a few other ads in these, but this is the only one I've seen with the banner on top, and neon lettering to boot. There's something blocking the lower part of the photo... that a continuous ring of exposed neon. A fragile design.

This presents a more clear photo so you can see the structure of the clock better.   

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