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Target Clocks

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It's obvious why these are called the "Target" clocks. There's quite a few different styles, even a "phantom" style or two. They even throw corporate advertising on some. Each style had a standard neon color combination.  

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Probably the most common target clock, the black face style had pink external and green internal neon tubes. This one has a typical marquee, black background with white letters. Note how the pink color glows through the white letters. 

The blue target clocks are the other common style. They had pink exterior and white interior neon tubes.

The red targets pop up occasionally. Dave A. was after this one for years before the owner relented. It has blue exterior and white interior neon tubes.

This is a phantom clock. I'm sorry the photo isn't better, but at least there's a photo. This has a green target face. The experts say none of these were produced. This one is now hiding in someone's garage, and they don't know what a rarity they have. I can't eve guess what the neon colors were.

The "yellow" target clocks are somewhat rare. These are "reverse" targets, because the center circle and the numbers are black instead of white. These originally had green external and white (not yellow) interior neon tubes.

Here's a strange one that I thought was a repro knock-off, until I saw a second one. It's a yellow "reverse" target with a Pepsi bottlecap logo. I'm not sure that these are the original neon colors.

This was especially unusual. The photo is bad, taken through a shop window. A reverse blue target... white background, blue circle and numbers. The advertising is French (it was found in Quebec), and the font of the numbers is the same as two other unusual clocks, the rare octagon and an unusual "exposed ring" clock. Also, this has a different  minute-marker track we refer to as a "sawtooth".

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