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Gallery of

Glo-Dial Clocks

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Due to the large number of Glo-Dial clocks, here is a gallery of photos not displayed on the main Glo-Dial page.    

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Standard-Sized Clocks
These are two different clocks.  The second one has a deeper can.
Large, multi-ring clocks.
Most had options for lighting different rings, or all rings, with internal mechanical switches wired to a remote switch.

A multi-ring Glo-Dial unlit, with red ring slit, and with both red and white rings lit (with room light off).

Here's a White King Soap clock, lit, and unlit. A second White King clock. Note the logo on the face is placed lower than on the first clock. And yet a third one. Notice the depth of this clock body.

    Copper body on a large, multi-ring clock.  
Another example of lighting the rings up separately  
Exposed Neon
Glo-Dial clocks designed to have exposed neon tubes, either wording or rings.
Check it out! A copper body on this unit! Exposed ring on a flush mount body. Compare to other flush mount in "Other" section. This clock was reportedly found on an auto dealership. Note that it has the wide band on the glass for some advertising, and sockets for an external ring of neon.

  A clock mounted inside a tire. Pretty damn inventive.  
Sign Structures
Glo-Dial clocks included as part of the structure of a sign.
Front and back of one of the clocks that would be mounted in a sign.    
Other Styles of Glo-Dials
A variety of other, more rare styles from this highly-varied producer of cool clocks.
 American Time! Only a single ring of neon inside. Very basic. Here's a flush mount clock, similar face and bezel structure as the clock at left, but no "can".  
Very good example of a flush mount clock mounted on a sign, no exposed neon on the clock structure itself. Note the great aqua-colored "time" neon. This may be a two-sided sign, but you can't quite tell from the photo.
A small clock, similar to the "American Time" clock above.    
And One So Strange...
We're not sure WHAT to call it!
Here's a two-sided clock, previously mounted outside on a building, advertising Indian Motorcycles. Close-up of the face, obviously Glo-Dial style face and hands.

It even has a
Glo-Dial label on the can. So what's the big deal???

  But wait! Look at the other side! Isn't that a face from an Electric Neon Clock Company face? Specifically, an Aztec??
What is this about? We have no idea.

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