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Large Clocks

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The same style as the basic "standard" clock, these clocks are larger, and have multiple rings of neon. Some have an external wiring switch which allows different neon tubes to be turned on at different times.

An anecdotal story mentions that one of these clocks installed in a bowling alley had three tubes of neon, a red, a pink, and a white. During "league" play, when the first game was being bowled, only the red neon would be turned on. When the second game was rolling, only the white neon would be lit. During the third game, all three neon tubes would be lit, glowing pink. 

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The typical style, black can, black and white reverse painted glass, and this one has blue neon. Note the Chevy logo painted on the glass.

Another common example, this time with a white can and pink neon.

I included this one because it's a little unusual... it has been built into the wall. Because the white paint hs flaked off, you can just barely see the multiple rings of neon.

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