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Canadian Neon Ray


and Pam Clock Company

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Canadian Neon Ray Company was based in Montreal. Most of the clocks we've seen from them have been incandescent lit advertising clocks. However, they did produce a variety of neon clocks. They did produce a unique style of small clocks, about 18 inches wide, which are quite interesting. 

Pam Clock Company is a very common maker of advertising clocks that have incandescent light bulbs rather than neon. However, many "Pam" clocks are discovered to be made by Canadian Neon Ray. Well, sure enough, Pam produced neon clocks using the Neon Ray design. We think these companies combined, or were two divisions of the same company. Anyone know for sure?

But wait, there's more... There was also a "Neon-Ray" company operating out of Brooklyn NY, with some labels stating "Buffalo NY", and even "Canada", that produced very similar clocks. Additionally, there's a company names "Paramount" out of Montreal that produced similar clocks as well.  

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Here's a great example of the type o clocks we've found from Canadian Neon Ray. This has great features... wavy outside ring, a spinner, and note the four-color tube around the face. Outstanding. 

A similar clock, but without the spinner.

Evidently the company was located in French Quebec, so they produced a clock advertising a Canadian "biere" clock. (Forgive us, our northern neighbors, if Montreal isn't in French Quebec. I thought the only "French" part of North America was the home of Jax beer!) 

A little different style, sans spinner, with an advertising banner. 

If you're interested, here's the decal from one of the clocks. And the warning label... "NE TOUCHEZ PAS AU TUBE NEON, CES'T FRAGILE!" Ya knucklehead!

Pam clock, the exact same design as the Canadian Neon Ray. Note the Pam decal. This neon has been reworked.

Another Pam clock. This one looks like an incandescent light clock, but it is in fact neon.

Here's the back of the Borden clock...it could fool you, unless you felt the weight of the clock. There's a transformer in there.

Neon-Ray was a company based in Brooklyn, New York. They produced a couple of different types of "menu board" clocks. We're assuming this was a sibling of the Canadian Neon Ray, but check out the "Correct Time" clocks, from Brooklyn as well.

Here's another Neon Ray clock, but check out the "Correct Time" clocks, from Brooklyn. This is the same style, including font, and the Correct Time menu clocks. Man, we're gonna need a family tree here..


A Canadian Neon Ray advertising Mercury watches. My, how time flies...

Here's a very simple Canadian Neon-Ray, similar to a "Postal Telegraph" clock.

Paramount was a company locate din Montreal. We're guessing that it was a forerunner of Canadian Neon Ray due to the similarity of clock style. This is the only one I've seen...

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