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Correct Time and

Say-It-In-Neon Clocks

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We can't say much about this company, except that some of their designs look REALLY old. The face is labeled "Correct Time", but the company was really named "Say It In Neon", out of Buffalo, New York.     

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You see these around, and they're classic. I wish I had a better shot of one (hint hint).

Not a great shot of a pretty rough clock, and I have no idea why there's a pinup girl behind the marquis. Something about this clock has "Drive-In Theater" written all over it.

This is a great little clock (about 13 inches tall, and 24 inches wide)  with a classic look. The typical art deco sign style, rounded ends, with a deco design on the face.  This same font is on "Neon Ray" clocks, grouped on our site with the Canadian Neon Ray clocks.

We've seen several of these clocks, and I even owned a very rough one for a while, but we had never been able to determine who produced these (until now!). I found one in an antique store, and under some rust was "Say-It-In-Neon". Finally!

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