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This page presents old clocks by the Curtis Company. There is a current Curtis company that makes fantastic new clocks, some original styles, many reproduction styles. However, the intent of this site is to present "old" clocks, so I will limit this to clocks produced prior to 1965. I realize this is sort of arbitrary, but there are others who produce new neon clocks as well, and I just have to draw the line somewhere (and I receive no outside assistance, either monetary or labor, in the production of this site, so we play by my rules...). So, if you landed on this page, and you want a new clock, or parts, by all means look up the current Curtis Clocks company. They do good work.     

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Here's one of the examples I have seen of an older Curtis clock. I can't verify it's age, but the chrome is a little pitted, and the second hand is missing some paint. So it isn't "new".

This one seemed to have a little age on it as well, so I've included it. Also, the phone number is LA. 5-2231 which leads me to believe this was from the 60's or so when that was the style of listing phone numbers (pre-area code days)

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