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Electric Neon

Clock Company

(aka Cleveland Clocks)

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Here's the Microsoft of neon clocks (and we mean that in a positive way). There are more shapes and styles of Cleveland clocks that you can shake a stick at. Hell, they even named a city after them. There's so many styles that we'll have to have a page devoted to each style just to do them justice. There's also a huge reproduction effort out there, which is nice because it makes parts available. We will only show original or restored clocks here, no repros.

Electric Neon Clock Company spanned from the 30's to the 50's, as near as we can tell from dates we've found on clocks. These clocks are found across the continent. Some had ads for major corporations (soft drinks, mostly), but most were plain, or had customized marquis for the customer. Rumor has it that someone holds the original blueprints.

Company History! In the summer of 2011, the son of the founder of this company contacted us, and was kind enough to give us some background information on the company. Thanks Ron! Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to see what we have compiled.

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Early ad's for the "hex" clocks identify them as "ColorLite" clocks. I've grouped the octagon clocks here as well, but I believe they came later.  

We don't know the official name of these clocks, so we call them the "Exposed Ring" clocks due to, well, the exposed ring of neon. Similar to the Aztec in structure, they are a basic design that didn't change, much.

These are commonly known as the "Aztec" clocks. They are the classic neon clock. They have the same basic structure as the previous category, and they didn't differ much. 
There's three general styles of the "Bubble" or "Kolex" clocks. There's the plain white face, the "Target", and the "Dial Pan". Yep. we pretty much make these names up as we go along. Here's the plain white faces...
We call these "target" clocks because of the face paint. There's several different colors, some "reverse" styles, and some advertising logos on these clocks. 

The "Dial Pan" style has a plastic face with neon mounted behind. These are especially colorful, because there are three rings of neon. Some of them had an optical illusion wheel in the center.

Other styles of Cleveland clocks include an Octagon version, round clocks that are fore-runners of the Aztec structure, a different type of  "dial pan", and large square clocks such as the one pictured here.

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