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Marvin Display Corporation

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Marvin clocks, made in Cleveland, are somewhat rare. They are simple in design, and very large. The "Dew Drop Inn" clock body (see below) is about 30" wide, and about four feet from the top to the bottom of the marquees.  Marvin clocks seem to be made in one basic octagon style, with different types of marquees adding the variety. They are hard to find in good shape.

Note that we believe these clocks were actually manufactured by Neon Products, and were customized by Marvin Display. These are also closely related to Travel Time clocks as well. Check out the photo of the Neon Products production floor and you can see the "Marvin" style of clock being produced.

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This is a nice example of the clock without any marquee. Note the wide "foot" at the base. It's curious, but the metal face bolts on to the body, but they could have painted the face directly on the body.

This clock is in excellent condition, and has the most elaborate marquee, with neon around a glass or plexiglass insert.

Gallery of Marvin Display Clocks

Kinda rough shape.

Very simple marquee structure. See the story of this clock on my "restore" page.

Funny, someone took the hands and motor off this clock.

This one is on a funeral home.




Another example of the marquee with the neon in it.

High priced clock in an antique store. I don't think this glass is original.

Here is the photo of the Neon Products factory production floor. There are a variety of clocks being produced, but in to the lower left of the covered work area (a ventilated work area), you can see one of the "Marvin" style clocks almost complete. A close-up of this image is at the right.

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