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Neo-Lite Corporation


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The Neo-Lite company made the fabled "Attentioneer" clock. They were based in Cleveland, at 5713 Euclid Avenue. Also, note that there are very, very good reproductions out there, so if you are anticipating buying one, look very closely.

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Here's one of the ultimate neon clocks. You can't get much better than neon numbers! Because this is so rare, I'll include several photos of various views.

This is a very good reproduction. Note the white face. The background behind the numbers is painted red, and the numbers don't stand out very well. The original above has a blue background, and this works much better.

This is another reproduction, with a black face, and green and yellow neon. Note that the yellow neon numbers stand out better against a black background. If I was going to purchase a reproduction, this would be it! Good job, someone!

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