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NeoCraft Clocks

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NeoCraft makes life confusing for us. Some of their clocks look like Glo-Dials, some like Swihart, and some like Lackner. Whoever though of each style first, they're all great..

 Click on the Photo to go to the page for that style.

Here's a popular style. Note the spinner in the middle. It's easy to confuse this with a Glo-Dial. There's several similar clocks on the photo gallery page linked below.

This is a different twist on the spinner clock. This has the spinner on the outer edge of the advertising. 

Don't be fooled! This  is NOT a neon clock. It has a florescent tube in it. I think it's a NeoCraft, but then I used to think it was a Glo-Dial, so tell me if you know the manufacturer.
This is one of my favorites... neon lettering and a spinner (original wire spinner!). The outer neon is new, but the inner ring is original.  Added feature... a three way switch and dual transformers allow inner lit only, outer lit only, or both lit. Shazaam!

There's a lot of different photos of NeoCraft clocks in my photo album. Click here for a gallery of the other NeoCraft photos I have. (OK, gallery not ready yet...)

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