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Here's the "catch-all" page for clocks that are so rare that we've only found one style from the company, or for clock that we can't determine who the maker is. 

Please let us know if you see a clock that belongs to a specific manufacturer. We'll update the web site as appropriate.    

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This looks like a very old clock. Maker unknown.

This is a GREAT thermometer. It glows a very strong green at night. I don't know who made this one, either.

These are a great series of clocks. I've seen Olds, Chevy, and Buick, and Cadillac versions. We've seen "Sales", "Service" and "Parts"  clocks. You'd have one hell of a collection if you had one of each.

Here's a cool neon sign, with a clock incorporated into the diamond ring.

The logo on this clock migh indicate it's a Glo-Dial, but I can't quite make it out. This is a two-sided clock.

This is a very large clock, about three feet across (a foot larger that the Cleveland clocks). It had a Telechron motor, and the whole clock may have been manufactured by Telechron, but I'm not positive. Check out this clock on the "restoration" page

Time-O-Graph, of Elkhart Indiana, manufactured this clock. It's almost identical to clocks made by Neon Products and Lackner. However, the back of the clock has structure, or a "can", like a Cleveland clock. The others had a rounded back on the clock. Another difference is the number of "wires" on the spinner (and that they are not plastic).

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