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Ray Neon Instrument


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YThis is another rarity... We only have one example for this company. The label on the face reads "Ray Neon Instrument Company, Philadelphia, PA." We have seen other clocks of this general style, octagon clocks with chrome trim around the face, and about the same size, but don't have company names on them.

We do not know if this company has any relation to "Neon Ray" out of Buffalo, or "Canadian Neon Ray" out of Montreal.   

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The hands and the font of the numbers on the face are unusual, as are the minute markers for the numbers on the corners. It appears that the hole for the neon tubes to pass back to the transformer has been enlarged at some point, so this neon is probably not original.
The clocks below are not confirmed as Ray Neon Instrument clocks, but they have the same style of face and hands, so I'm including them here.

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