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Swihart and Time-O-Graph Clocks

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Swihart produced some unique clocks, like the "rocker" clocks, and also produced spinner clocks very similar to NeoCraft or Lackners. They were produced in Elwood, Indiana.

Time-o-Graph produced spinners almost indistinguishable from the Swihart. They're so hard to distinguish, that we'll just group them here. Time-o-Graph clocks were produced in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Here's the most common style of Swihart. They had a spinners, and usually had a logo on the face. Some had three "wire arms" for the spinner, others had six "arms", as this one does.

Here is the three-wire-arm style. This style is usually seen with a "Quaker State" ad. Often, these spinners have scraped the paint off the glass due to loose wires or the metal disk being warped out of shape. Also, see "Time-O-Graph" clocks under "Other Manufacturers" for an identical style.

This clock is labeled as a Time-O-Graph. As you can tell, it's difficult to differentiate from a Swihart. I'm still convinced they are two companies that merged or changed names.

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