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.This is a rare clock, and we've only had reports of one of these. Curtis of Curtis Clocks (fine custom-made neon clocks!) sent us these photos, and the information contained below. Thanks Curtis!    

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The clock measures 21" in diameter.It has a 1/2" glass face with the letters etched in from behind, edge lit from a neon tube. Another glass covers the hands and face held in by the outer bezel . It weighs about 35 Lbs.
Why so heavy? It's made of Monel, a metal they used in ship building during the second world war. It's a high nickel alloy that is corrosive resistant. Companies that used aluminum to build aircraft for the war later made clocks (like Roto-Dial) or travel trailers. Wesco may have had a surplus of Monel which they used to build clocks.

Web Master's note: A current "Wesco" company traces it roots to Westinghouse, and was set up in 1922 "for the purpose of selling and distributing Westinghouse products" (http://www.wesco.com/about/overview.htm). Was this clock one of those products???

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