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This will be a BIG set of pages. There are two types of advertising found on clocks... corporate advertising such as Bulova or Quaker State, or "local" advertising, such as the  "Dew Drop Inn". 

While many collectors are into the corporate collectables (Co-Cola, for instance), I prefer the local flavor. These pages will reflect both the corporations, and the mom-and-pop shops, and will separate product categories by advertising type.

There's a big market for reproductions (Co-Cola, for instance), and many corporate advertisers ran a wide variety of advertising clocks (Co-Cola, for instance). Sometimes it's hard to distinguish repros from originals, but we will not intentionally run reproductions, no matter how true-to-form they are.      

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I have just got to start with the most macabre. The Funeral Homes. Suffice it to say there's no "corporate" advertising here.

Next in popularity are the oil-related. This is a nice, broad category... oil companies, garages, wrecker services, and the like. Maybe if Enron employed neon clocks...

There's also the automobile companies, themselves. Here's the clocks of the "Big Three" and others.

Then there's the jewelry stores.  A lot of Glo-Dials advertise watches...

If they're not advertising watches, chances are the NeoCraft or the Glo-Dial have the call letters of a radio station, with a local store or message to boot.  However, other clocks advertise radio stations as well...

Let's have a food-related group, such as diners and cafes. We'll need to include soft drinks (Co-Cola, for instance) and other beverages, and supermarkets and pharmacies (for lack of a better place to put them).  Anything covered by the FDA...

And all the others... barber shops, furniture companies, whatever.

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