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Other styles

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Now the clock designs start to differ. There's clocks with external neon, simpler clocks with no advertising space, and clocks that are part of a larger sign structure.

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Here's an excellent example of the neon lettering. Note the classic yellow neon on top... not too common for clocks this old. Ain't it a beaut?

A simple design (and a bad photo, sorry).

Here's a double-sided octagon shaped Glo-Dial built into part of a large sign. It's still a separate clock, just attached to a sign. 

This is an unusual style. This style has an external ring of neon, and is meant to be flush mounted. Some of the components, such as the transformer, are "behind" the surface on which they are mounted. We've seen three different approaches; on the front of a building,  as part of a larger sign, or mounted on a simple wooden box (as in this example). 

In these examples, the clock body is actually the sign. 
Here is one of the Glo-Dial clocks removed from a sign. These are large clocks, so notice how the motor and movements differ from the standard motors and movements. Also notice that the motor is stamped "Glo-Dial" although it looks just like the Synchron motors.
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