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Glo-Dial Company

standard clocks

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These are the clocks Glo-Dial is known for. There's quite a variety, and similar clocks have been made by other companies. Here's some examples of the different versions.    

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The standard style... black/white reverse-painted glass. The neon could be green, blue, or white. The cans could be black, dark blue, or chrome, with the bezels black, chrome, or white.  

There are a lot of Glo-Dials advertising watches. I like this example because "Watches" is painted on the glass. Quite often, a watchmaker name would be painted on the face, and the name of the jewlery store would be back-painted on the glass.

This is a standard Glo-Dial, with the glass painted red rather than black. The "Rx" symbols are fairly common on these clocks 

Here's a fine example of custom painting on the face, and different colors back-painted on the glass. This one had unusual neon... white neon tube that had yellow paint wiped on. Thus, the amount of yellow varied. Interesting effect, and the clock looked original.

A little more customization on this clock... the silhouette of the mountains and the trees, and the script lettering, make this one unusual. 
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