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"Neon Displays" and "Neon Display Products" produced clocks in Newark NJ and in Cleveland OH. We don't know if this is two companies, or a single company that changed names at some point. Most of the clocks under this company name were unique models, but some of the large clocks they sold may have been made by Neon Products (the "Marvin" and "Travel Time" versions). 

They also utilized some unique hands on most clocks, although there is some inconsistency across models. It is interesting that many of the clocks have hands that appear to have been produced by the Electric Neon Clock Company (ENCC), particularly the style used on early Aztec clocks, but later styles as well. Both companies were locate din Cleveland OH, so perhaps ENCC supplied Neon Displays with hands.   

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Neon Display Hex Clocks
This is a common style for this company. They are often confused with the Electric Neon Clock Company "hex" or "Colorlite", but Neon Display have a round face with (typically) chrome trim, and frequently with two external neon tubes. Also, there are unique hands on most of these, with circles in the middle of the minute and hour hands.
  This clock has the traditional "Neon Display" hands, and two external neon tubes. Curiously, this clock seems to have early "Aztec" hands from the Electric Neon Clock Company.
This clock also has the "Aztec" hands. Note that the label states "Mfd. by Neon Displays, 972 Broad Street Newark NJ".  
This clock has ENCC hands from the later model clocks. The illusion wheel glass on this clock is suspect. This has the "Aztec" hands as well. This clock has been refurbished.
Neon Display Round Clocks

Neon displays also made round clocks. These have the traditional Neon Displays hands.

Neon Display Octagon Clocks

Now this is one of the enduring mysteries. This clock body was produced by Neon Products in Lima Ohio, and sold under a variety of different company names. The logo on this clock is identical to the "Marvin Display" logo, both stating they are based in Cleveland.

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