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Electric Neon Clock Co.

Hex and Octagon Clocks

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There's some variety in each Cleveland category. With the "hex" clocks, there's two styles of faces, and some had banners. 

The ColorLite clocks have two basic designs. The "deco" face clocks seem to have had a blue external neon tube, and a red internal tube. The traditional face had a pink external tube, and a green internal tube. The paint finish used wrinkle paint, in either black, brown, or red.     

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This is the earliest style of Cleveland clock we've seen. This is the style that is advertised in the ColorLite brochures.  "Try it for 10 days FREE. Only $1.00 per week for a few months if you decide to keep it."

Here's my favorite style of hex clock. Check out that deco face. It's easy to see why they called them the "ColorLite".  

Pretty much the same concept as the hex, with a couple of extra sides. These are the beginning of the standard hands found on other Cleveland styles. These also had banners.

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