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Travel Time


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Here is a complex tale... There are quite a few "Travel Time" clocks running around out there. However, some of them were made by the Neon Products company and sold as Travel Time, and also Marvin Display, clocks. And for those non-believers, we even have factory photos.    

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We'll start with this one because it is unusual in that it is a round style. It has a Travel Time logo on the face, but to my knowledge I haven't seen another round clock by Travel Time.
This is the common octagon-style clock by Travel Time. Note that it has a wire spinner for the illusion wheel, and that the glass is painted like many of the Neon Products clocks. We can't confirm that this particular glass is original, but the wire spinner would be original.
In this series, you can see "Neon Products" identified on the face plate near the minute marker. Also notice how the can is structured, another give-away that these and the Marvin Display clocks are all related.
Another example of the Neon Products name on the face plate, and this time with the wire spinner and same glass paint scheme as found on other Neon Products clocks. Actually, if it weren't for the round style stating "Travel time", and the similarity of the Marvin Display clocks, we would think that "Travel Time" was a particular model of Neon Products clocks (to our knowledge, the only model manufactured for outside use).

Here is the photo of the Neon Products factory production floor. There are a variety of clocks being produced, but in to the lower left of the covered work area (a ventilated work area), you can see one of the "Travel Time" style clocks almost complete. A close-up of this image is at the right.

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