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Neon Clock and Related Patents

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Thanks to U.S. Patents being available on-line, we have run across several patents for neon clocks, or by neon clock companies manufacturing other related signs or sign products.     

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The patent that some Glo-Dial clocks refer to is number 1994950 (click on the left image or number to see the patent document, or the right image to see a label referring to this patent.). This patent was applied for by C.W. Hoffritz on March 24, 1934, and the patent was granted March 19, 1935. It is interesting that the patent describes not only the use of hidden neon to light the face, but also the design of the hands to reflect the light as well.

The Electric Neon Clock Company applied for this patent on March 7, 1940. Interestingly, this patent design presents the Aztec style clock with glass tubes rather than numbers on the face, and with neon lettering in the marquee, and from the description of the patent application, it may be that the patent is actually for the marquee, rather than for the Aztec or face design.

This patent, number 2008930, was filed by J. Schmidt on Jan.  27, 1934, granted July 23, 1935. It is a hexagonal clock with neon hands, an neon tube painted for minute markers, and neon numbers from a continuous tube.
This is an even more novel design, where the neon numbers are individual rather than one continuous tube, thus allowing for only the number for the relevant hour to be lit. There is no hour hand, but only a minute hand, made of neon tube. This was patent number 2363763, filed by H.D. Werts on Sept. 27, 1943, and granted on Nov. 28, 1944.
Beginning in 1931, George Willins filed patents on designs that ultimately were used in the Neon Ad Clocks. Number 1846928 was for the general concept, but with two drums! Number 1846929 was for the drum and drive mechanism for the advertising drum.  Number 1852869 is a patent on an improved mechanism to reduce the force necessary to turn the drum. Patent number 1888366 is a patent on the neon design, and number 1898924 is an improvement on the drum design.
Other Neon Sign Patents of Interest
This patent is of interest to neon clock aficionados because it was filed by Neon Products of Lima, OH. It was filed by Samuel Kamin on March 5, 1931, and given design number 84086
Here is another is another patent by Neon Products, filed by James Howenstine on Nov. 28. 1947, and granted number 2305255 on Nov. 21, 1950.

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