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Electric Neon Clock Company Clocks

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Due to the large number of Electric Neon Clock Company clocks, here is a gallery of photos not displayed on the main ENCC  page.    

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OK, the neon isn't original, but the rest is untouched. I really like the effect of the blue and yellow. Yet a different style of hands.

Yes, I did it a second time, because my wife liked the first, and put me in the dog house when I sold it!

It's hard to make out, but the letters say "Steaks  Chops  Chicken". This clock never had neon installed. 

We don't know whether these were originals, or whether somone added the Aztec ring to an Exposed Ring clock. I'm guessing original, since they appear to have the white cowling behind the Aztec ring. Note that two of these have the "round 3", which I've never seen on a black-faced clock, but are found on Exposed Ring clocks.  

Two of the "tube faced" Aztecs, which are represented in a patent.    


  The "font" of the numbers seem to match some other rare ENCC clocks (see the "reverse" target, or the unusual "exposed ring" clock).      

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