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Gallery of Canadian Neon Ray and Neon Ray Clocks

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Due to the large number of Canadian Neon Ray and related clocks, here is a gallery of photos not displayed on the main page.    

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Unlit and lit photos of a classic Canadian Neon Ray clock.

Selling Gruen watches.

Have a Molson biere.


Here's a Neon Ray menu board clock that sure looks like a "Correct Time" clock!

This one has a nice spinner. I'll bet that outer ring of neon is difficult to protect!
This gives a good idea of the depth of the CNR Clocks, and the fragile mounting of the exposed neon.    
  This clock probably had an external ring on it. Also, it's unusual that such a small logo would be under the hands. Maybe an "add on". A nice "Ford" logo on this one.
  Some Canadian Neon Ray clocks have this interesting "hex" logo design in the middle.
this clock has it all... small design, exposed neon, illusion wheel! That neon "flower petal" looks like trouble to make...
These three clocks all have have four-color neon around the face Another RCA, in a little better condition.
The clocks below were manufactured by "Neon Ray" of Buffalo, NY. We assume this is the same as, or closely related to, the Canadian Neon Ray company.
  Another interesting "menu board" clock  
The label on the face states "Neon Ray, Buffalo, NY"
This is an unusual design for Neon Ray, and note that the label says "Canada". Just another confusing twist to this story.

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