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Clocks Advertising

Automobile Companies

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Here's the clocks specifically for car companies, including parts and accessories. Look under "Oil-Related" for gas or oil related, including service stations.

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Automobile or Truck Companies (and Motorcycles!)

A large Glo-Dial for a Chevy dealer.

Here's the classic International Harvester clock by Neon Products.

This might be a Lackner, but at the moment we have it classified as unknown origin.

How about an Indian Motorcycle clock, from Glo-Dial (maybe, check out the story...)

This is a Canadian Neon Ray Clock advertising Ford Motor Company. Here is an Neon Action Clock done for a pharmacy. This is an Neon Clock Sales clock, but the face may be a repro. Prestyle made clocks for Pontiac...

Automotive Parts and Accessories

Neon Products produced this clock for Mohawk Tires.

Neon Products also did this clock for Penn Tires.

A Glo-Dial clock in a tire!

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