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Clocks Advertising

Jewelry Stores or Watches 

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According to my wife, any time is the right time for jewelry! These clocks sure would catch my attention as I walked down main street.  

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There's quite a few "watch" clocks out there...

This Glo-Dial gives a clue to what this barber shop used to be...

I think "Omega" is a watch company, and they utilized this clock made by Neon Action.

There's a million of these Gruen clocks around, I think by Neon Products.

 This Canadian Neon Ray  can tell you the time, and sell you a watch.

Here's a nice little Glo-Dial for Crysler Watches.

And another...

Glo-Dial  for Benrus Watches.

Another Canadian Neon Ray , this time for Gruen.
Several more table-top Glo-Dial clocks advertising various watch companies... "Right on Time"
Glo-Dial  to rhyme with time. And a  Glo-Dial  for Seeland Watches (since 1837). Well, a Glo-Dial advertising a watch service, if not a specific brand. Great aqua-colored neon on this Glo-Dial.
This is an Everlite clock.      

Here's clocks for some specific Jewelry Stores

I'd visit the store under this Cleveland spinner.

I've skipped clocks that are part of larger signs, but this Lumi-Dial deserved to be an exception.

This sign-mounted Glo-Dial advertises what they sell, but not who is selling it.

American Clock Company produced this one, very similar to Glo-Dial style


Here is a  Say It In Neon clock advertising a jeweler

This Say It In Neon clock as part of a larger sign.


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